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Hey there, hunkered-down-peeps-in-double-layers!
Born & bred a Southerner, I  have an innate denial about snow. I expect it to snow one day, then go away the next. Y’know, like tornados. 🌪 Complaining about walking in the snow fell on deaf ears until a transplanted Californian told me about snow cleats! Duh! So, I bought some “Yak-Trax,” and, now, instead of snow getting me down, I get out and push the dang white stuff around! Thanks, Mollie! 
🧥 Here’s another excellent Winter find:  https://daytrippingroc.com/winter-walks-around-rochester/ Chock full of local places that natives know as winter-worthy – like Mendon Ponds, the Webster Pier, and Letchworth Park. And imagine the transformations of Mt. Hope Cemetery and Seneca Park Zoo! Grab your snow boots (and cleats!), and head out!
Now, all that Yak-Trax’ing is bound to make you hungry, right? Calls for a cup of creamy SNOW COUNTRY POTATO SOUP and a CHICKEN SOUVLAKI PITA SANDWICH. Save the baked sweet potatoes fries for an après snowy walk treat! 🍠
🇮🇳 Since y’all love the Indian dishes that Chefs Pam & Zelma make for you, try the CURRIED FRENCH GREEN LENTIL SALAD WITH ROASTED TURMERIC CAULIFLOWER & ROASTED PANEER. It comes atop a chopped spinach salad with a vibrant Ginger-Cilantro Lime dressing on the side. Outstanding!
🐅 Before you head to Seneca Park Zoo to see the lions, tigers, and bears playing in the snow, have a nice hearty lunch of BAKED RIGATONI WITH CHICKEN or ITALIAN “SOYSAGE.” Italian “soysage” is a delightful plant-based concoction that tastes very much like Italian sausage!
📚 Not a fan of snowy walks? Burn some calories by snow-blowing or shoveling the dang white stuff as pre-emptive strikes at sweet indiscretions. Our HAZELNUT LIQUOR BROWNIES are just the right kind of forgivable sin you may want to commit over and over again.🙏

With love & warmth during the time of Covid-19, 
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