Are you tired of staring into your refrigerator, hoping for divine meal inspiration? So are your friends! Forward this fridge–friendly menu so they, too, can have non-boring dinners stored in their "Frigidaire!"
Hey there no-longer-hunkered-down-peeps!
Yay, we're freed, at last! We can burn our masks – nope, not yet, but hopefully soon.🤞
During the past year (!) I became obsessed with owning a vintage refrigerator. Living in a vintage 1950's home with a small kitchen, I loved the idea of one of the beauties from the 50s like a PHILCO, "a revolutionary new refrigerator so completely automatic it thinks for itself!" or a CROSLEY SHELVADOR, "It's a timesaver! It's a worksaver! It's a wifesaver!" Nope, haven't found the right one yet. But, thought I'd put it out there, just in case y'all know of anyone looking to get rid of their 'Fabulous FOODARAMA by Kelvinator!"
Hey, our weekly offerings are not only not-boring but timesavers! Worksavers! And, matesavers! (See how I did that? 🤗)
This week's international Power BOWLS are from India, Greece (the country, not the town, David 🙄), and Asia: 🇮🇳 MADRAS CURRIED CHICKEN & APPLE SALAD (GF), raisins, and CASHEWS served over fresh greens with grilled garlic naan triangles🇬🇷 CHOPPED GREEK CHICKPEA & COUSCOUS (GF) with protein-packed chickpeas, tomatoes, bell pepper, FETA cheese, cucumber, olives, and a light lemon dressing.
🌏 ASIAN GRILL SALAD (GF without fried noodles) with your choice of GRILLED SHRIMP OR GRILLED TOFU with veggies, mandarin oranges & pears on a bed of fresh spinach. Topped with crunchy toasted almonds & optional Asian fried noodles.
How about some family-friendly casseroles that you can portion out and save in your "frost-free" freezer? CHICKEN DIVAN OVER EGG NOODLES with broccoli, mushrooms in a creamy mustard sauce. CHANA BIRYANI, Vegan or Chicken(GF) Savory chickpeas, tomatoes, onions, chilis, raisins, CASHEWS, greens & cauliflower with basmati rice. And, MINESTRONE PASTA With Chicken Or Soy Italian Sausage (vegetarian), a medley of veggies, beans, olives, red sauce, and cheeses.
COOKIE ALERT! For those of you who are the vehement MOLASSES COOKIE lovers – TAKE NOTE – we have them this week! Now, you can stock up in your “fabulous FOODARAMA!”
With love to all of you enjoying the frost-free and waning days of Covid-19, pattie 📤 Easy Ordering: Hit "reply" to this email, or email me at or call/text me at (585) 244-2870. A couple of days' notice would be very appreciated, thanks! 🙏 🚐  FREE Delivery: To you who live within 10 (ish) miles of our shop at 20 Cobbs Hill Dr. Rochester 14610 and have a $30+ order. We deliver further with a $30 minimum order and a variable delivery fee. ♨️ Give your favorite NURSE the gift of not shopping, schlepping, prepping! All Occasions GIFT CERTIFICATES are perfect for birthday presents and "just because!" Go to or call/email me for a pretty gift certificate! ❤️ Can you believe this is the 57th week of delivering top-quality cuisine to your door? Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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