Now, y'know you can’t eat all the Halloween candy without eating something nutritious to “balance” tt out, right? Well, neither can your friends! So share your candy menu with them, please.
Hey there pre-Halloween-candy-eating-peeps! Me, too, LOLWait… What’s happenin????
Hello, people of the outer world. We are the Spirits of the Ouija Board, but you can call us SOOB. Pattie found our Ouija Board while decluttering a closet. Then she stopped to ask a question. 🌞{YES}, she’s fine, 🌛{NO}, she won’t be writing you this week. As we say in the underworld, while mortals are “away,” the SOOB will play! Oh, ha-ha, we are hilarious! 🌛{NO} 
Bubble, Bubble, 🌛{NO} toil and 🌛{NO} trouble –that’s what pattie was going to say about this week’s CASSEROLES. See, aren’t you glad we took over? 👩🏻‍🍳 Chef Pam’s CHICKEN BISCUIT BUBBLE is a favorite with mortals of a particular “picky” persuasion. Fluffy, homemade biscuits top a creamy chicken and veggies stew. 🌞{YES}, we remember “grandma’s kitchen” aromas. Ahh…
Another “nani’s kitchen” casserole we yearn for is the 🇮🇳 CHANA BIRYANI with BASMATI RICE. Sweet & savory Indian spices bring out the yummy in chickpeas, tomatoes, onions, chilis, raisins, CASHEWS, greens & cauliflower. 🌞{YES}, you can enjoy it as it, or add chicken, lucky earth-dwellers.
Will you love the GARLIC-BUTTERY SHRIMP SCAMPI with PARMESAN RISOTTO? 🌞{YES}, if you’re human, 🌛{NO}, if you’re a vampire. 🧛‍♀️
Is there a POWER BOWL in your future? 🌞 {YES}, two of them! ROASTED ROOT RIOT & COUSCOUS BOWL, a powerhouse of Earth’s bounty. And, as much as you candy-eating humans love your Halloween, we spirits 🧡 Las Dias de Las Muertas💀, celebrated on Oct 31st, Nov 1st, and 2ndWill eating the 🇲🇽 MEXICAN STREET CORN & QUINOA BOWL, overflowing with avocado, jalapeños, black beans, peppers, corn, onions with a delicious Lime-Crema (yogurt) dressing, make you happy and content? 🌞{YES}! 
Quick, before pattie regains her earthly consciousness, we SOOB want to remind you to eat as many sweets as possible. The mortal coil is so short. 🌞{YES} to yummy CARAMEL 🍎 APPLE BREAD PUDDING, 🌞{YES} to CHOCOLATE CHUNK 🤎COOKIES, and 🌞{YES} to those famous MINI CHOCOLATE CHIP CANNOLIS.
SOOB. (Oh, and declutter a closet. Will you?)

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