Brook Trout, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Bluegill, Rock Bass, Small Yellow Perch, and Pumpkinseed (?)🐟   Hey there peeps, we’ve-gone-fishin’!🎣   After 68 consecutive, no miss, no delay 🦠 weeks of creating fabulous menus – delivered FREE to your door - we’re taking a brief break!   From July 29 until August 5, we’ll travel 🚗 ✈️– and putter in our gardens. 🌻🍅   Can you guess what do we do on our vacations? Eat! 🍽 And bring back inspirations from meals both grand and humble to share with you!   Stay tuned!   With 🎣 love & fresh, spectacular Mid-Summer meals delivered to your door next week! ❤️ pattie ♨️ Give your favorite person (maybe you?) the gift of not shopping, schlepping, prepping! All Occasions GIFT CERTIFICATES are perfect for baby gifts, college kids, and "just because!" Go to or call/email me for a pretty gift certificate!    

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