Hi there, Our catering kitchen is wafting heavenly from all of the turkeys and fixin's our chefs are creating. We'll see some of you on Tuesday and Wednesday. And a few of you on Friday! Stay well, be kind...I'll be back next week with a fantastic new NON-boring weekly menu!

Goats in trees,  wacky! Humans flying, ridiculous! A ceramic toilet bowl in the Louvre, preposterous! What would you do if you knew you could fail, and you still did it, anyway?  Thank you for staying safe! 🥳

So, before we start the 6 weeks of intentional overeating, let's have a few healthy meals this week, eh? Crazy, maybe. 😜 We brought back our super popular PERFECT CRUNCH THAI QUINOA SALAD  (vegan, GF) that you could top with Salmon for extra protein.  And one of your favorite casseroles, THAI PANANG CURRY (GF), try it with either Tofu (VEGAN) or chicken,  ridiculously tasty and healthy!

Soup lover?  😋  The robust ROASTED BUTTERNUT SQUASH-APPLE CIDER BISQUE (VEGAN, GF) disappeared so quickly last week that Chef Zelma baked off another 100 pounds of those sweet squashes to turn into more soup. Outrageous! More the indulgent type? ( I hear ya) Then you have to try our LUXURY CLASS SEAFOOD CHOWDER. Yes, you do. Chef Pam sang the entire time she made this one - and there are only 10 of them. She said she wouldn't make more if they didn't sell quickly, let's get her in tune again, shall we?

🍪  Why the heck would you buy freshly baked cookies the week before Thanksgiving? Why are unknown seas sailed? Absurd, the earth is flat! CRANBERRY OATMEAL COOKIES. Not flat, just absurdly delicious

🦃 🦃 🦃 Next week, we'll not be doing a weekly menu as we'll be focusing on THANKSGIVING DINNER FOR ONE orders for you lovely hunkered down people! I do hope that you've planned only tiny COVID-SAFE Thanksgiving gatherings for this year. After all, NEXT year, we can all be together again if we play it safe NOW. 🤗

Cheers & Do a "Silly Walk" during the time of COVID-19,


📤  Easy Ordering: Observing COVID rules in our kitchen sometimes adds a bit of time to orders. Please order as far ahead as possible...like 2 days? 🙏

Email me at pattie@rochestercaterer.com or call me (585) 244-2870, thank you!

🚐  FREE Delivery: Live within 10 (ish) miles of our shop (20 Cobbs Hill Dr. Rochester) and have a $30+ order? We'll deliver to you, FREE! Deliveries run 10:30am to 5pm, Monday – Friday.

❤️ Can you believe this is the 31st week of providing you quarantine cuisine? Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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