[section is_fullwidth=”” section_header=”{"gadget":"off","on":{"heading_title":"","heading_description":"","text_color":""}}” background_color=”” background_image=”” video=”” template=”” auto_generated=”” first_in_builder=”1″ _array_keys=”{"section_header":"section_header"}” _made_with_builder=”true”][row][column width=”2_3″ padding_left=”” padding_right=”” extra_class=”” _made_with_builder=”true”][text_block text=”<p style="text-align: center;">"All Occasions was the most professional, supportive, fun and excellent caterers. They made our wedding amazing, from the professional staff who worked seamlessly throughout the wedding, to the wonderful food that satisfied all palates (herbivores and carnivores) to decorating, wedding planning, I was a very lucky, happy bride! "<br /> <strong>Bridgette</strong></p><hr /><p style="text-align: center;">"Pattie met and exceeded all expectations. Everything was fantastic and people are still talking about how wonderful everything was from the beginning to the end. Starting with the theme drinks, appetizers, main course, deserts and wedding cake. Everything was just amazing. We had a sit down dinner (no Buffet) and the staff handled everyone with kit gloves and very courteously. Everyone's dinner came out at the same time and hot. Thank you Patti!<br /> <strong>Jeff</strong></p><hr /><p style="text-align: center;">"Patti helped us to create the most elegant/fun wedding! Upon her first visit to our cottage her wheels were spinning- crafting 3 parties in one… She was very thoughtful to include sentimental touches of both the bride and groom to create an event that truly reflected the couple getting married and not just a beautiful party. THANK YOU PATTI, DAVID, &amp; THE ENTIRE STAFF OFF ALL OCCASIONS CATERING! "<br /> <strong>Elizabeth</strong></p><hr /><p style="text-align: center;">"The reception that AOC hosted was amazing 🙂 Multiple guests approached us throughout the evening saying what an amazing wedding it was, how it was the best ever, the food was delicious, the staff was wonderful….I could go on for days. Thank you AOC- Pattie and David in particular, for making the most memorable day of my husband's and my lives truly incredible."<br /> <strong>Ashley</strong></p><hr /><p style="text-align: center;">"Pattie and her staff are extraordinary. I cannot recommend her highly enough. The food was scrumptious, everyone was professional, and the whole thing went off without a hitch, and at a very reasonable price."<br /> <strong>Rachel</strong></p><hr /><p style="text-align: center;">"Pattie is fantastic! She is helpful, flexible, cheerful and creative! The All Occasions team is perfect– despite the extreme heat and the 3-in-a-row evenings the team had to work for us, they were unfailingly wonderful! We could never have pulled the wedding weekend together without Pattie and All Occasions!"<br /> <strong>Barb</strong></p><hr /><p style="text-align: center;">"Pattie is a delight to work with. All Occasions Catering does a fantastic job with providing delicious food adding creative touches here and there. As an added bonus, she's wonderful with coordinating with other event vendors and I've never heard anything negative from anyone. I've used them several times over the years and hope to use them for my next daughters' wedding."<br /> <strong>Marie</strong></p><hr /><p style="text-align: center;">"Pattie and her staff were fantastic! She took the few vague suggestions we gave her and somehow turned them into exactly the casual, relaxed wedding we were hoping for. Pattie was wonderful throughout the planning process – she made us feel comfortable right from the first meeting, she was always ready to offer awesomely fitting ideas, and she found several additional (perfect!) vendors on a moment's notice. She even hula hooped at the reception with my maid of honor and I (and she did great!!)! The All Occasions staff was incredible – they took great care of us and our guests, made sure my husband and I were fed (and properly hydrated – thank you!), and adjusted flawlessly on the fly when rain caused a change in plans. We had many, many guests tell us the food was excellent, and we thought so too! It was a pleasure to have Pattie and AOC at our wedding – we never could have pulled it off without her."<br /> <strong>Jesse</strong></p><hr /><p style="text-align: center;">"If you choose any other caterer in the Rochester area, you will sorely regret it! Pattie and her staff truly made my worries disappear in both the planning and the day of my wedding. I felt as though Pattie became my guardian angel through what could have been a stressful process of planning a long-distance wedding. Go with Pattie, and the awesomely talented Chef Dave, you will thank your lucky stars you did!"<br /> <strong>Kelly</strong></p><hr /><p style="text-align: center;">" We loved the decor and the food was just amazing! I was sure to look at everyone's plates and they were all completely clean after dinner! You and your staff did an amazing job and we all (Monacelli's and Riegler's) thank you for a job well done. "<br /> <strong>Julianna</strong> <strong>M</strong>.<br /> " The way you walked me through the decision process for the food, and layout of our event was fantastic… It was so awesome how you sent me detailed table arrangements, and tent layouts and how you put up with my ever changing mind! … I loved the fact that you were not only a caterer, but you also helped me greatly with my planning experience. I felt very at ease knowing I had someone on my side standing up for me and giving me wonderful advice the whole way through. "<br /> <strong>Justine &amp; Dan R.</strong></p><hr /><p style="text-align: center;">"I just wanted to say "thank you" for a wonderful wedding… it was beautiful! We had many compliments on the food and your wait staff. From things like, excellent service, to excellent food! Everything went like clock work! I will definitely recommend you to anyone who is throwing any kind of a function. Thank you again for all of the advice with the dress."<br /> <strong>C.N.</strong><br /> "Thank you for creating the wedding reception of my daughter's dreams. From start to finish, everything was wonderful…The food, the presentation, your staff but most of all, you! For a family coming in from out of town and not knowing all of the players, you steered us in the right direction for beautiful flowers, the perfect band and photographers who were able to capture all of those memorable moments. Jim and I thank you again!"<br /> <strong>M.N.</strong></p><hr /><p style="text-align: center;">Dear Pattie, Thank you so much for all you did to give us the most wonderful wedding! All of your expertise and planning really paid off…it was absolutely perfect and the food was amazing! We will cherish these memories forever.<br /> <strong>Claire &amp; Robert</strong></p><hr /><p style="text-align: center;">Dear Pattie and the AOC Crew, Thank you so much for helping to make our wedding the most wonderful, exciting and joyous day of our lives! We were so excited to have the reception at Village Gate and you transformed it into something more magical than we ever thought possible. The food was INCREDIBLE (we're still hearing about it from our guests!) and the servers were fantastic. Thank you, Pattie, for being so patient through the process, too! (smile) We will recommend All Occasions Catering to anyone who is looking for superb service, amazing menu items and an eye for detail. You guys were GREAT!<br /> <strong>Terri &amp; Jason Barbero</strong></p><hr /><p style="text-align: center;">Hi Pattie, Well I guess this is our last therapy session! David and I want to thank you again for creating such a beautiful and special reception for Katie and Garrett's wedding. It was awesome! We have had nothing but rave revues from our family and friends. So, today I'll put on flip flops as we head back to Florida. I still can't believe how perfect the New York weather was for us southern folks! I now feel like I have offically graduated from wedding school! The sparkler send-off at the end was really pretty. Katie has always loved the outdoor evening cook-outs and summer parties on the patio so this affair really was her style. So this is it! Again, you made it all happen with me watching from Florida! The accolades keep coming in from all who were there. I felt so relaxed knowing your magic touch would make it all come together. You were the best therapist the mother of the bride could ask for! Thanks for helping to make beautiful memories of the day.<br /> <strong>Lee Ann Kunkle</strong></p><hr /><p style="text-align: center;">Hi Pattie, Thank you!! Our reception was incredible, you and your staff were amazing, the food was delicious, you brought the most amazing weather (!!), the setup was perfect …the list could go on and on. When I saw the tent set up, it literally brought tears to my eyes. Lee and I kept looking at each other the whole night in utter disbelief that this was OUR wedding (pinch me because it seemed too good to be true!). Thank you for being a large part of the best day of our lives :)<br /> <strong>Ashley &amp; Lee Brinkley</strong></p><hr /><p style="text-align: center;">Pattie, I just want to repeat my thanks for our wedding on Saturday, April 27th. Without you I could never have found everyone, much less arranged everything, for the wedding to come off at all much less as smoothly as it did. You and your staff are magnificent! You made me and Kathy feel right at home, put us in a "safe place" and made everything go smoothly without my worrying about anything. Thank you for all you did and for having such organizational capabilities! Thank you also for the referrals to Jimmy and Joan, without whom we wouldn't have had a beautiful bride much less two beautiful brides! And for figuring out flowers and all those last minute details. And for the cake! It was beautiful and perfect for us! I can't thank you enough for taking time to make us feel comfortable during a very busy time for you. The food was delicious, if I weren't wearing my wedding gown I definitely would have taken you up on the more chicken offer! I think Chef David should write a cookbook! I want to make that chicken and sauce myself so please tell him he needs to write a cookbook. Everything was beautiful and you do it so very well. I was immediately comfortable as was Kathy and that is hard to do and you did it for us. It was your presence that allowed me to relax and just go with the flow of the day and not try to entertain everyone all the time. I never thought I'd actually get to eat that day and I did, and not by myself either, your timing is impeccable. And we had the bottle of Black Label for those who wanted it! You pulled it all together for us. Thank you very much!<br /> <strong>Toni B &amp; Kathy W</strong></p>” _made_with_builder=”true”][/text_block][/column][column width=”1_3″ padding_left=”” padding_right=”” extra_class=”” _made_with_builder=”true”][contact_form width=”1_1″ id=”198e7f23e1761bd299e40f43aff7dcd1″ form=”{"json":"[{\\"type\\":\\"form-header-title\\",\\"shortcode\\":\\"form-header-title\\",\\"width\\":\\"\\",\\"options\\":{\\"title\\":\\"Talk Foodie to Me\\",\\"subtitle\\":\\"Sign up below and you will occasionally receive interesting foodie news: sometimes menus, sometimes recipes, sometimes fun articles. 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