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June 28, 2018

How to start your Wedding Budget

Post by Pattie Taylor Brown

What’s Your Wedding Budget? The most angst-ridden question for every wedding couple.

Most couples have never planned a large scale event, much less one so emotionally loaded. It’s no wonder the task of coming up with a wedding budget leaves so many feeling dazed and confused.

I’ve got your answers and your calm below.

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Planning your wedding budget is really just a series of conversations.

This first chat should be with your future spouse.

Figure out what money you both have to put towards your big day AND what aspects of your wedding are most important to you.

Do you want a fancy hotel reception or a small at-home gathering? Designer wedding dress to pass on to children or rent one? Making a list of the things you BOTH feel are important will help when it’s time to crunch numbers.

Event Goddess Notes: Gone is the old tradition of the Bride’s family paying for the wedding & reception . Having a truthful money talk with both your families will help you right away establish a perimeter to your budget.

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Have conversations (plural) with family who will help you with your wedding budget.

Remember to be courteous and appreciative of their gift, whatever they offer. If they can’t give you a figure- don’t panic! Keep working on your budget WITHOUT counting on their contributions. Then revisit the discussion once you have a more solid idea of where you need help.

After you’ve got an estimated budget in mind Do. Your. Homework.

Before you can decide on a wedding and/or reception venue, you must know two things: Your preferred wedding date and how many estimated guests from both families.

These answers will prevent wasted time on venues that are either too big or too small for comfort.

Talk to venues and caterers- ask about “range of prices.”

Once you’ve established a date and an estimated number of guests, ask your top pick venues and/or caterers for a range of prices. As you do your “due diligence” you will begin to get a sense of how much weddings cost- and then you may need another chat with each other and with your families…

Still feeling a bit panicked about the wedding budget?

Talk to a wedding planner. A seasoned wedding planner can actually save you money by offering a customized timetable/ budget spreadsheet that is super helpful for staying on budget and on-time. And certainly relieve your nerves!

For more info call or text me, Pattie, at (585) 244-2870