May 31, 2017

To Theme or Not To Theme?

Post by Pattie Taylor Brown

A themed event, when done correctly, can get your guests mingling and having fun from the moment they step into the room.

To theme, or not to theme, that is a question we get often asked, so here’s a bit of sage advice from the event goddess!

When a theme is inherent:

In honor of a person? Then s/he IS the theme. Events such as award dinners, memorial services, retirement parties or BIG number birthdays fit this category. It’s not that these events don’t really have a theme per se, but the theme is the PERSON of honor. All focus should be on them.
Tip: When throwing a party in honor of someone – and they know it – ask about their favorite foods & drinks. If they are known for a hobby or are passionate about something include elements of these in the event decor and food. Make it as honoree-specific as possible.

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When you need a themed event:

So, when do you let loose the create juices and theme it up?
Corporate events: Do you suffer from BMS? Boring meeting syndrome? Get employees excited to attend that meeting or annual holiday bash. A themed corporate party changes up the normal routine, be it at a special venue or a themed-up office! Either way, a themed event encourages employees to relate to each other in a fun and festive way.
Tip: Want a party at your office? Bring in our “Big Kahuna Luau” with all its colorful island décor – it really transforms the office!
Tip 2: Wanna have your party at a unique venue? The Strong Museum of Play is a great place to investigate your “inner kid!”
Holidays! Take a movie-approach here and you’ll have such a fun time: “A Christmas Story,” “A Christmas Carol” and “Elf” are filled with great food and décor ideas!
Tip: Need a unique venue to bring your guests to? Call us for great ideas and availability.
Local Festivals: imagine a High Tea party whilst under the lilacs during Lilac Festival. Or a fun BBQ in the backyard of a Cornhill home during the Cornhill Art Fest. And for the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival? Check out our Rochester-themed party menu!
Understanding when and where a theme party is appropriate and then embracing it is just one of the event goddess’ strengths. Need help? That’s why the event goddess exist! Call today!