February 26, 2018

How to Successfully DIY (Do-It-Yourself) without DITY (Doing-It-To-Yourself)

Post by Pattie Taylor Brown

(aka- How to Thank Pinterest but do your own thing.)

Yay! Your wedding day is fast approaching. But Uh Oh- you planned to make the favors, the place cards, the sign in board – and oh and don’t forget that elaborate centerpieces you just knew you could make yourself!


Do-It-Yourselfing can be fun if done correctly. The key is to have a realistic plan in place so that you don’t wind up “Doing-It-TO-Yourself.”

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Here are some tips to help you tackle those Wedding projects without losing your cool:

1. GET OFF PINTEREST & Get to Work


We love that Pinterest exists! It’s a wonderful place for brides to get inspiration for their wedding vision. However, ideas don’t become reality until you start working on them.


So, choose the Pins you LOVE then stop the Pinterest search. You’ll drive yourself crazy.


2. Delegate, Delegate, Delegate


Please, don’t put everything on your shoulders. You should enjoy your wedding planning AND your wedding! The wedding vision can be yours alone, but you cannot do it alone.


Thus, it’s important to delegate tasks to those you trust, less you get burnt out.




Bonus tip: If trusted others are involved in your planning that means there is someone OTHER THAN YOU for vendors and guests to ask their questions to on the day of your wedding! (Overwhelmed because your missing this? Click HERE to learn about hiring our team!)




3. Oh- and delegate to the most trustworthy people you know


Choose the people you know will follow through for you. How do you know they can be trusted to follow & follow-thru? Because they have in the past.


This ensures peace of mind for you and your spouse.


4. “Good Deals”- Before You Buy, ASK!


It may be tempting to pick up that box of 100 wedding favors (for your wedding of 30 people) because it’s on clearance but before you spend some of your wedding budget ask another’s opinion.


Mainly your spouse, your wedding planner, or even your vendors like the caterer or rental company.


Especially when it comes to décor, many of your vendors could already have that piece your about to buy or make saving you time, energy & money!




Bonus tip: Use your wedding planner as a sounding board for your ideas. They can give you sound advice on how to blend your Pinterest/Wedding Day Vision with the reality of your space.



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You might be a DIYer if…

You’re a crafter.

While shopping for favors you think “I can make that…”

You have a “can do” attitude.

You have nerves of steel.

You might be a DITYer if…

Your wedding Pinterest board is massive.

You have a  “I bet I can save a lot by making this…“ attitude.

You don’t have a “posse” to help you.

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