January 17, 2017

The Event Goddess’ Guide to Unique Event Venues in Rochester & The Finger Lakes

Post by Pattie Taylor Brown

Warning: Unique venues have only one thing in common – they are unpredictable. If you need to know that the weather will be perfect, i.e. not raining, not too hot/cold, then a tent reception is not for you. If quirky rooms bother you, stay away from 19th Century mansions. If “perfection” is important, you will be much happier having your event in a hotel or party house where weather doesn’t matter and the parking/restrooms/dinners are always the same.
Frankly, it takes an adventurous couple to decide on a wedding/reception venue that is not “normal.” Rather than looking for a “perfect venue” you’re looking for a place that is “Perfect for us.” If this describes you, then read on, voyager!

Congrats on finding your plucky soul mate  – now the planning fun begins!

There is controversy in Event Goddess world over which comes first in planning: the wedding date or the amount of guests or the venue availability. And that, m’dears, is a whole different blog post. First, it begins with your top two wedding dates in mind.  Once you’ve narrowed that down, then it’s time to think about the number of guests you would need to have.

What’s your style?

Think about your Pinterest boards for just a moment. Are they filled with elegant lace and candles – or western boots and wagon wheels? Do they reflect modern city chic? Or a definite vintage vibe? Now, think about your guest list, just for a moment, will they enjoy being outdoors – even if it rains? Will they be nervous about going into the City? Now, stop thinking about them and go with your vision!

Wedding Design Checklist

unique venues
Please look at the list below of adventurous reception visions – narrow them down to the top 3 that  apply to your vision, then CALL the Event Goddess to check if your unique venue is available and the right size for your guest list. We can help you find the venue that is the perfect for you!

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Downtown City Chic

venue steampunk

Artsy with a little bit of Steampunk

venue tented wedding

Backyard Tent

dance floor, venues

Large Dance Floor

Movie wedding theatre wedding venue

Movie & Theatre-Loving


Rustic Lodge

winery venue


The Game of Clue Venue

The Board Game CLUE come to life

steampunk wedding venue

Straight Up Steampunk

antique venues

Mismatched Vintage Furniture

rustic wedding venue

Rustic Country

garden venue

Gardens of Flowers

wedding brunch venue

Peaceful Morning Wedding with Elegant Brunch

gatsby venue

The Great Gatsby Inspired

industrial wedding



Hawaiian Vibe

Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey


Surrounded by Antiques


Music & Dancing All Night Long