June 21, 2017

Cut your party-planning TO DO(N’T) list in half!

Post by Pattie Taylor Brown

Losing sleep, over eating, biting nails over that #$%^&* party planning list?

Stop! Here’s some sage advice from our clients (!) to help you enjoy planning the party!
START Saying “NO!”
I know, I know, you’re the one everyone expects to say yes, but surprise them and say, “I’m sorry but I cannot do this at this time.” And then you can always add “But I do know a great planner/caterer who probably can, here’s their phone number 244-2870.”
Hey, you there!
Ok, so you said yes again (dang it), asking for help is totally legit. And having an idea of what you’re asking help with – a few pertinent details – and who you’re asking – a dependable type – will help prevent the stressors of half-hearted follow through and/or the dreaded last minute back out.
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catering menu, stations menu
Clueless in Rochester?
You could spend hours on the “Interweb” trying to find a place for your party or just pick up the phone and call us – we have over 30 venues that need business! We can place you in a venue within hours.
It’s a date! Wait!!
Before you book your party date, check the area’s website to see if there is going to be a big festival nearby. You and your guests can avoid the aggravation of stand still traffic and no-vacancy signs. It’ll also make it easier to book the venue and the vendors you want!
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