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Christmas Dinner for ONE

COVID-Safe always

You’ve sheltered, you’ve stayed safe, you’d really like to have a Christmas dinner without stress but give up nothing in flavor.


This year’s Christmas Dinner is for YOU!


“My Dad really enjoyed his Thanksgiving dinner, and I look forward to sending him another delicious meal for Christmas!”  Tom S.



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Our Mission Obsession: You and Your Guests Will Rave!

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YUM! Santa, give me Christmas Dinner for ONE!


Call or Text  TODAY!


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Christmas for One – Yaass!

Made for YOU with comfort & joy!

 A couple of grins about pattie’s Southern upbringing.


Eggnog (Détente) Bread Pudding

There are quite a few advantages to being the firstborn but mine were short-lived as my “almost Irish twin”  brother, Mike, was soon hitching a ride on my jet-stream.  Lots of Mama’s cooking was scrabble-worthy, especially the eggnog bread pudding. So, come December 1st, Mama would stare at us and sing the “better not shout” song, a LOT, and Mike and I would be besties…until Dec 26th.