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This is my first child’s bar/bat mitzvah and I haven’t a clue what to do! How can All Occasions help me?

Glad you asked! All Occasions’ clients love to be able to just put their event into our capable hands and relax…and all of our repeat bar mitzvahs do just this! If you are a “first timer,” here’s what you’ll receive: unlimited access to our in-depth party experiences and resources, tons of advice, a reception timeline, an ear to listen, a custom-designed floor layout of guest seating, a shoulder to lean on, excel spreadsheets of every persuasion and a gentle nudge into high gear when the time is right… plus we take care of a multitude of behind-the-scenes details so you don’t have to!

Can I just show up at my child’s bar/bat mitzvah and let you do it all?

YES! We can (and have) done “everything” for our busy clients. We can do as little or as much planning, organizing, and coordination as you need us to!

Do you cater kosher events?

Yes! We offer fabulous menus prepared under the supervision of a mashgiach. If only a few guests keep kosher, we can arrange to have their meals brought in separately.

How much will our event cost?

A Bar/Bat Mitzvah party is a blending of your child’s desires, the traditions you’d like to honor and your budget reality. In general, evening parties have a more lavish meal, along with drinks and entertainment, menu/service prices range from $57 to $150+ per guest. Luncheons usually (but not always) are simpler in menu and drinks but not necessarily entertainment. Luncheon menus/service prices range from $47 to $75+ per guest. Having a “comfort zone” party budget helps us help you in planning your event.

What about drinks?

Again, each family is different! Some families opt for no alcohol, some for beer & wine, for others only a full liquor bar will do. We can completely take care of it, or at most Temples, you may bring in your own alcohol and we’ll provide you with bartending staff and set-ups. We carry $2 million dollars in liquor liability insurance for your and your Temple’s protection.

May I taste your food? before the event?

Of Course! We throw lavish FREE tasting parties for our clients (and potential clients) in March of each year. If you would like to attend next year’s, please get on our email list! We’d be happy to arrange a mini-tasting at your convenience, we charge $50 per person and it comes right off your bottom-line when you book.

My child wants a special theme, what do I do? Do we have to have a theme?

If your child would like a theme, we can help him/her come up with a personalized theme, then find and arrange tasteful and fun decorations. If you opt for a “bar mitzvah” theme, we decorate our buffets beautifully.

Do you have suggestions for locations, photographers, florists, DJ’s/bands, balloons, caricature artists, etc?

Yes! Our sole focus is to give you a smooth, worry-free event that your guests will rave about for years!

What else am I forgetting to ask?

hen you are an All Occasions Client, you get to ask as many questions as you want!